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It was Thanksgiving weekend so, as all good American families do, we put up the Christmas tree.

For this, Obi was thankful.


He spent all afternoon under his tree. By evening, Oliver was also under the tree and u discovered the capabilities of my camera.



Tomorrow we go back to work. Oliver, lying in my lap, doesn’t want to hear about it.



The Farm Report

It’s been a while since we checked in on the farm and there have been many changes. For one thing, the farmer sold some of his land to the railroad and they built a storage facility.


After they started building, the farmer got to thinking.


He’s a little concerned about the facility. Seems they forgot to take into account the location of his homestead, the original family farmhouse, between the storage building and the tracks. How are they planning to get vehicles up to those bay doors?

As always, though, something else presents itself to distract him from these small worries.


There’s always something bigger.


Much, much bigger.



On Sunday nights, The Boy cooks us dinner and we watch a TV show while we eat. Kitten Thunder does their best not to covet our dinner and then offers some post dinner snuggles to help with my digestion.

Today I added the extra entertainment of knitting after dinner. Oliver loves to knit. It makes him purr to have yarn pulled between his toes.

After we’d been knitting for a while, though, he started to feel bad about the neglected Boy. He left me and went to lie down on the foot of the recliner.

Minutes later, The Boy got up. What!?! Oliver was highly offended. After all, he was lying next to The Boy’s feet at great personal risk. The grey kitten could have been infected by cooties at any moment. And to have his magnanimous gesture just –

– Hey, is that a warm spot on the chair?


Disco Kitten

Last year during the family Christmas shopping trip, I bought myself a pretty teal shirt covered in clear sequins. It seemed to be a perfect amount of festive and I was really excited about it.

Then I wore it.

Before noon it had rubbed sore spots on my arms. By the end of the work day I couldn’t wait to take it off. I’m pretty sure I did take it off the second the door closed behind me.

This shirt has been in my closet for a year. It has survived several rounds of culling because it is so pretty, even though looking at it made me sad because I was never going to wear it again.

But then! This week I realized that I could protect my arms and cover the more offending sequins if I wear a cardigan over the shirt. And so I did. Plenty of sparkle, no road rash.

And there’s an extra, unanticipated benefit.




Three solid hours of sparkle reflection entertainment for the brown kitten. By the time the sun stopped coming in my office window and the light show was over, Obi was ready for a nap.


His brother was happy to oblige.

Blanket Statement

Due to illness and the fact that it was super duper cold, Kitten Thunder and I worked mostly from Camp Couch last week. Today I decided to move back into the office.

At first, the fuzzy employees objected. But then they remembered how much they like office furniture.



Mixed Messages

After a week of sitting on the couch with a cold, there were dishes to be done and garbage bags to be taken out. I decided to catch up a little bit while The Boy was cooking our dinner.

The garbage can was so full that this morning’s cat food can had rolled out and leaked food all over the floor. I pointed it out to Obi as he nibbled on kitty crunchies.

Moments later, The Boy said “hey! Don’t eat that!”

Obi looked confused. He looked at The Boy. He looked at me.

“It’s only twelve hours old,” I said. “I just told him to eat it.”

A quick conversation cleared up the issue: The Boy thought it was vomit. Nope. Cat food.

Eat on, brown kitten. Eat on.


Obi here.

The Girl is still sick and Oliver is giving her purr therapy. Let me tell you what I think is wrong with her.


Aunt Staci turned off OutTV. She slept on the couch and didn’t want it distracting her or something. I thought it would be turned back on but then it got really cold outside.

Really cold.

So cold that it is cold inside, too. The people turned off ALL the OutTV in the house to protect us.

That can’t be healthy.

Till They Dropped

The Girl’s family came to do Christmas shopping. They shopped till they dropped. Literally.

The Girl has a cold.

But don’t worry.


The doctor is in.

Purr therapy is being administered.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But sometimes you can.

The house guests are arriving tomorrow. The house is pretty much clean except for the things you do the night before like scrubbing showers. I was hanging up some clothes in my hallway closet and left the door open while I went to get some sweaters.

I came back to the sound of Obi in the ceiling. I caught him as he came down onto the clothes bar to walk to a different set of joists. As I pulled him down, Oliver climbed into the closet.

“You know what? I don’t care. Go ahead and play in the closet,” I said. I put Obi on the floor and went back to cleaning.

Three minutes later, Kitten Thunder was in the bedroom with me.

It’s no fun if it’s allowed.

We Want YOU…

… To sit still.

Oliver votes for sitting on the couch all night. He slept on the cat shelf all day so he needs some Girl time.


I may elect to get up in a bit. We’ll see what the AP says.