On Sunday nights, The Boy cooks us dinner and we watch a TV show while we eat. Kitten Thunder does their best not to covet our dinner and then offers some post dinner snuggles to help with my digestion.

Today I added the extra entertainment of knitting after dinner. Oliver loves to knit. It makes him purr to have yarn pulled between his toes.

After we’d been knitting for a while, though, he started to feel bad about the neglected Boy. He left me and went to lie down on the foot of the recliner.

Minutes later, The Boy got up. What!?! Oliver was highly offended. After all, he was lying next to The Boy’s feet at great personal risk. The grey kitten could have been infected by cooties at any moment. And to have his magnanimous gesture just –

– Hey, is that a warm spot on the chair?



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