Creative Differences

A letter from Oliver:

As you know, My Girl has been making a quilt square for The Boy’s train club. This, plus the book, plus that work stuff she does has reduced my snuggle time to unacceptable levels. So when she mentioned to Obi and me that we could finish her sewing while she was gone last night, we considered it.

But then we realized that one of us would have to drive the loud bobby part and one of us would have to push down the pedal. As Obi was suggestion that my higher level of subdermal fluffiness made me a better candidate for pushing the pedal – I’m not sure exactly what that means but it felt like an insult – I remembered that our help wasn’t really appreciated a couple weekends ago when My Girl was making a receiving blanket.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this Andrew guy and “allergies”… Why are we sending presents to someone who values breathing over his responsibility to host a cat in his home? Seriously.

Anyway, we decided not to sew My Girl’s square for her.

Today, though, I saw an opportunity to really help. My Girl was laying out little squares of fabric to make a big square. This is where I should point out that the little squares were a big square to begin with but My Girl cut up the big square… Humans are weird.


As you can see, this is kind of a boring interpretation of a train. I offered an alternative with a little more flare.


For an artist, My Girl was not very open to this new idea. I was offered a supervisory position away from the dining room table.

And, as you can see, My Girl went back to her boring old plan.

Sometimes people don’t recognize genius when it’s right on front of their face. It would probably help if they had whiskers.


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