Sunday Slow Day

When I got up this morning, Obi was bored. BORED. Boooored. I followed him to the belly rubbing rug and gitchy gitchied his belly for a few minutes. Then I rebuilt his cave and arranged the quilt as an annex to the cave.

Then I tossed a bunch of toys that have been sitting on his OutTV watching trunk since Christmas to him. He’s been playing exclusively with Flat Mousie for a while. He forgot about Funky Chicken! He forgot about Laser Mousie! He forgot about Cloth Mousie!

When he was surrounded by toys, I grabbed the phone to take a picture. He promptly got up and his in the cave.

But then Oliver came along. He has no problem having his picture taken.


But the cave monster took issue with his brother playing with HIS toys.


This is a picture of Oli and Obi. After a couple minutes of inter blanket warfare, Oliver left to see if there were snackums in the kitchen.

Obi decided that guarding his toys was more important than guarding himself from the paparazzi.



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