Hot on the Trail

It has been about a year since I figured out that cranberries were the cause of a lot of the health issues I was having. This makes me sad because I love cranberries. If I could, I’d eat them in everything. I DID eat them in everything: cranberry pork, cranberry oatmeal, cranberry trail mix, washed down with some cranberry juice.

But no more.

A bag of opened trail mix with cranberries has been sitting on our counter in the kitchen for a year and a half. This week, I decided to feed it to the squirrels and birds.


Obi hates when I decide to store food outside on the window sill!



Whenever the squirrel jumped up onto the roof of the garage, Obi would lunge at the window so hard he was working the shelf away from the wall.

I moved the director’s chair, where Oliver sleeps when I’m working, up against the shelf.

Oliver for not approve.

Obi does not approve either.

Of squirrels.


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