A Lasting Impression

Obi is working on becoming less mellow. He is NOT up for anything. So next time someone comes up with some bright idea about photos and activities and open spaces and dogs, I should just say “sorry, I have cats and they are not game for such shenanigans.”

Last year it was board photos in a park for Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

He did not approve.

Last week, Dr. Tiffany from Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic sent out an email about the new office. They were pouring new concrete and wanted patients to come out their paw prints in. “Obi could do that,” I thought. We were the first call for an appointment.

On the drive over, all six blocks, obi complained. He did NOT want to do this. He was NOT okay. This WAS a big deal.

Then he made a couple perfect paw prints.



On the same day, Oliver came up with a different way to leave a mark. He pressed his paw into my arm for our whole morning snuggle.


And he didn’t even have to leave the couch.


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