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Working Hard for a Living

On the second day back to work, Oliver continues to love the cozy. My fleece pajamas and fuzzy robe are his favorite. And if he can find a cozy spot on my lap? All the better.


He just wishes I’d stop clicking right by his ear.

I did have to get up and get dressed because I’m kitteh sitting for a friend this week.

I came home and sat down briefly to send an email.


Obi was there in second to make sure I didn’t move again. We’ll have none of that leaving stuff when there’s snuggling to do.


I was allowed off the couch, briefly, when The Boy came home. I used the opportunity to restart our Roku to see if the TV quality would improve. The opening sequence is the letters r-o-k-u falling onto the screen.

Obi’s eyes got wide. Do it again.

It reminded me that there is a channel for cats on Roku. We looked and found a free channel that looks really lame. The one we wanted is a dollar a month. That’s too much.

Obi knew there was a limit to my love.


Then we watched a show he heard me call Downton Tabby. He watched the whole time and never saw a cat. In fact, those people have a dog!

Obi’s life is full of disappointment.


I talked about blocking my squares of yarn the other day. The instructions told me to use a block of foam covered in batting but I just used some pieces of foam core that The Boy saved from recycling at work. A friend asked me if it seemed to be working and I mentioned the batting might have been important because the blocks weren’t drying as quickly as I expected.

You know what helps yarn dry more quickly?

Your grey kitten not peeing on them, that’s what.

So now I need directions for washing my squares.


WordPress says this is my forth bloggiversary. Thanks to those of you who have been here all along and welcome to our new friends!


The Cozy Dilemma

I was evidently cold when I was writing my Christmas wish list this year because I got a whole bunch of fleece. Pajamas and sheets and a robe and slippers. It is awesome.

The first time Oliver walked over the really soft robe, he came to a full stop and looked down at his feet in amazement. He is no longer interested in snuggling on the old fuzzy blanket. Only on the robe.

Last night was or first night with the fleece sheets on the bed. We figured this morning would be a glorious morning of sleeping in for the grey kitten and me. But things didn’t work out that way.

At 5:30 this morning, I got up to feed the kittehs and went back to bed. Oliver found me there and was purring before he even got situated under the covers.

Fleece. Sheets. Are. Awesome.

But I have this cough right now and it is worst in the morning. Getting up started the coughing and I couldn’t get it to settle down. To let The Boy sleep, I got up.

Oliver was horrified.

Fleece sheets? He looked at me sadly.

“You can stay here and be cozy,” I whispered to him. The grey kitten turned in three circles and plunked down with his head on my pillow. I tucked the sheet under his chin.

I’d have chosen the quiet, soft sheets over a coughing Girl, too.


As you know, Kitten Thunder is very helpful. They love to knit. But sometimes our squares don’t end up, well, square and we need to block them.

Obi was helping me by hiding under the foam board to make sure I didn’t stick any pins all the way through.


Oliver came into the living room and discovered me working. He thought I was unsupervised and immediately rectified the situation.


As he stomped up my foam board, though, it squeaked. It squeaked the squeak of a squashed brown kitten.


Oliver high fived Obi in the face for a job well done.