For All The Wrong Reasons

On Sunday, I was painting the laundry room and Obi came to check it my work. He hopped up onto the OutTV sill and fixed me with a hard glare. The sill was covered in dust.

He did not approve.

I told him that, once I got it painted, The Boy would extend his shelf and it would be even better. All this work was for HIM.

He said we could just put up the shelf and be done. No paint needed.

But I kept painting.

Later in the day, I went upstairs to paint the bathroom. The Boy had taken down the towel racks. And light switch covers. And… The supervising shelf.

Obi did NOT approve. How was he supposed to supervise without a shelf?!?

He and Oliver supervised from the bed. That turned out okay. They supervised through bath time. They supervised from a sunbeam. They supervised through their eyelids.

I need to put one more coat of paint on the wall before we put his shelf up.

I hope Obi approves.

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