Laid Back

Obi is getting better and better at snuggling on my lap. He struggles, though, with anything that breaks his focus. If I shift, or The Boy comes in, or Oliver joins us on the couch, he runs away.

Today he was determined to stick it out.

Just as he laid down, The Boy walked through the kitchen. But the brown kitten stayed in my lap. He did not care what man work The Boy might be doing.

Then I reached for my drink on the coffee table. That was fine. He wasn’t budging.

Then, the ultimate test. Oliver came for a snuggle. With the brown kitteh on my lap, the grey kitten attempted to find a comfortable laying spot on my chest. He stomped. He turned. He backed into the arm of the couch to try approaching from another angle.

Obi’s ears twisted wildly but he stayed.

Finally, Oliver settled behind me on the arm if the couch. Obi was still in my lap.

Good boy, Oliver, for sharing The Girl.

Good boy, Obi, for letting him.


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