Bare Floor Bummer

Obi’s life is ruined.

A couple weeks ago, we were going through a heat wave. It was even warm enough, a couple days, to open the windows. So when Obi came along and knocked the quilt off the couch, I didn’t really mind.

Since then, he’s claimed it as the belly rubbing quilt.

As it has gotten colder again, The Boy has mentioned to Obi that the quilt was going to get reclaimed by the people and the couch. Of course we ignored him. He is a silly Boy.

Then, disaster struck. Obi exploded this morning. Not great for me. Not great for him. Not great for the floor, the rug, my shoe… Or the quilt.

The quilt is in the laundry.

The belly rubbing spot is bare.

Obi’s life…ruined.


3 responses to “Bare Floor Bummer

  1. Lol… Exploded? I’m afraid to ask what exactly that means… but I can imagine… so never mind. Details not necessary. 🙂

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