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Hard Work


Oliver and Obi were hard at work this evening, helping in my office while The Boy cooked dinner.

After taking a bath on my lap, Oliver moved to the desk. The recorder wasn’t the most comfortable thing on which to lay, but he’d lost his legs by the time he realized it.

Obi found a cozy spot to enjoy some smell-o-vision while he supervised.


This channel looks across our driveway and has shows like Two Boys on a Trampoline, Jazz Musician on a Trumpet, and What Are They Doing With That Trailer?

Today there was a very special program called BOYS! GET OUTSIDE NOW.

Dinner was ready before we saw the end.


Job Description


I’m pretty sure Oliver’s most important duty is snuggling with The Girl. He has decided not to do his job today in favor of hanging out upstairs. I have spent the entire afternoon alone on the couch.

As I type this, I begin to wonder if it’s because I’ve been watching a Danish television show. Oli hates subtitles.


Last night, The Boy and I came home from our normal beer drinking and were sitting in the living room. We usually watch TV for a while before bed but he got some new magazines. I caught up on the Book of Face on my phone.

Then something went clunk.

I ones up to see Oliver going one direction on the mantel and Obi going the other. They happened to have met right where I have some decorative balls.

We interrupt this story to wonder why I spent money on decorative balls. And why I don’t really think it was a mistake because they are pretty. And I wanted them.

Anyhow, eight kitten feet in one place was not good for the balls.



Once it was established that no one was getting in trouble, Kitten Thunder was happy to study the balls more closely.

There’s no sign off the balls today. I suspect they were claimed by the cave monster.

Rule Change

So I’m typing away at tonight’s blog, at I look up at the TV. It has a tail. A big, fluffy, Main Coon type tail. “Obi,” I say, “get out from behind the TV.”

The tail disappears. No cat here.

But then the TV grows ears. And a paw inches up toward the antennae hanging on the wall.


The ears and paw disappear. No cat here.

Oliver arrives from the other room and cries. Obviously, if someone is in trouble, it is him. He’s not aware of doing anything wrong, but he is always the one who gets yelled at.

The paw goes up toward the antennae again. I stand up. It’s a clear indicator that I mean business. Oliver cowers under the coffee table and whines.

“Oh. BEE.” The tail reappears. Followed by two feet up on the books next to the TV. Followed by the rest of a brown kitten. I have to clap my hands and take a step forward to get him to jump down from the mantle.

For the record, Obi is allowed on the mantle but he’s never gotten behind the TV before. He’s up there now, looking out the window. And glancing over to make sure that he’s not in trouble. Obviously he has crossed a line somewhere and needs to figure out where it was.

Oliver is snuggled hard into my side.

He’s not in trouble either, right Girl?

On the Big Screen

This weekend, I had the opportunity to kitteh sit The Mo-Town Two. It was lovely on Sunday so we enjoyed some smell-o-vision on the big screen.


Sadly, this may be the last time I kitteh sit for them as Gabe has a new favorite. On Monday, the house cleaner was there before me. Jen and Gabe convinced her that I hadn’t fed them all weekend. Then they convinced her that they split and entire can of food… Which is only three or four times more than they actually get.

I fully expected them to be starving when I went back that evening. Because I fully expected them to explode at some point during the day. They did not explode. They were happy with a tiny portion for dinner.

They were happy when their girl got home.

Liebster Award

We won an award! It’s a bloggy award, which has no cash value, but we sure do like when people say they like to read our page. So thanks, Annie from Under and Over, Around and Through for the shout out!

The rules, which we will probably not follow closely because it is late and we’re tired, are as follows:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you. Check
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers. Not happening tonight, but I pledge to do it later.
4. Create 10 new questions for the nominees to answer. See #3.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs. See #3.

So here are Kitten Thunder’s answers:

What is your favorite book and why?
Oliver: Anything My Girl is reading, because that means she’s in bed.
Obi: Anything no one is reading, because then I can knock it off the shelf.

Did you believe in Santa as a kid? Were you crushed when you found out the truth?
Oliver: Who’s Santa? What truth?
Obi: I keep waiting for this guy to come down our chimney. If he doesn’t bring me a bird I’m going to bite him.

Do you have a favorite smell? I think everyone should have a favorite smell. What is yours?
Oliver: Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. TUNA!
Obi: Out. Out smells magnificent.

If you could choose one person and only one person to live with you on a deserted island for the rest of your days, who would you choose and why?
Oliver: My Girl. She has thumbs and fingernails. Plus my spot, how would I sleep at night if My Girl didn’t bring my spot in her arms?
Obi: The Boy. I need his thumbs for Man Stuff. There’s probably lots of Man Stuff to do on an island.

If you could punch anyone in the face, who would you choose to punch and why? Be specific. I want dirt and details.
Oliver: I don’t know who Ameeting is, but he makes My Girl leave the house a lot. She’s always going to Ameeting when I want to lay on the couch.
Obi: I punch Oliver in the face all the time. It’s fun. And sometimes I’m allowed to but sometimes I get in trouble – it depends on whether I’m winning or not.

What is one daily essential item you could not live without?
Oliver: My Girl. I use her for breakfast, naps, baths, naps, baths, and sleeping at night.
Obi: The belly rubbing rug. Nowhere else works for belly rubs.

Do you have a favorite TV show? Do share…
Oliver: On the light box? I like movies because it means I have time for a bath AND a nap.
Obi: Wrens in Bushes! It is my favorite. Those this week the squirrels on The Boy’s Office channel have been doing something really interesting. The Girls says it is porn and maybe I shouldn’t watch so intently.

You just won $100 million from Publisher’s Clearing House. What’s the first thing you do?
Oliver: Send My Girl to the store to get the tuna. Lots, so she doesn’t have to leave the house ever again.
Obi: I would have The Boy invest it in long term stock options, buying heavily in foreign emerging markets. And I’d order a new flat mousie with fresh catnip.

What makes you laugh?
Oliver: When I get two breakfasts in one day. I love when my people fall for that “I haven’t eaten yet” gag.
Obi: When I lock my brother in a cabinet and The Girl can’t figure out where he’s crying from.

Suddenly, everyone in the world recognizes your brilliance and natural leadership skills. As a reward, you get to pick one country to rule over for the rest of your life. Which country do you choose and why?
Oliver: Turkey sounds nice. Because…turkey.
Obi: Cheesoslavakia. But I would outlaw sliced cheese and make them grate it all.

Beer Brother


If Obi fits, then I can sits too.

Rough Spot

Today in the Thunder household:

The bowl was finally empty and The Girl opened the new bag of snackums.


Obi got his belly rubbed.


And Oliver took a bath.

He was bathing his arm but it just wasn’t coming clean. He licked and licked and licked, then chewed. Then licked and licked and licked, and chewed.

After about five minutes, I pointed out a flaw in his technique that – perhaps – was why he wasn’t getting clean…


He was licking MY arm.


It is mid March and sweeps week on OutTV. All of the best programming is on.

This is the week that Wrens in Bushes really gets going on the front window channels. And, because The Girl pays a lot of the actors with bread and seed, the shows in the dining room have also been good this week. Squirrel Upside Down on the Bird Feeder is a long show. It’s good for a whole afternoon of viewing.

Squirrels Climbing the Drainpipe is back on in The Boy’s office. This show gets Obi really excited. Several times, The Girl has had to walk into the room to see what all the racket was about. Obi like to watch this show alone, though, so he’ll lick his back and act nonchalant until she goes away.

We also had a new show this week that may turn out to be a favorite.


Squirrel by the Couch could be a smash hit if the viewership continues. And if The Girl will put more bread on that side of the house.

Free the Snackums

This afternoon I bought a new bag of kitty crunchies. I get the biggest bag available since we’re not going to stop serving snackums any time soon. And since Oliver feels the bowl is empty is you can see a hint of the bottom through the crunchies.

I went into the living room to rub Obi’s belly. Since Friday, the belly rub involves piling tissue paper on top of the brown kitten until I can’t see him anymore. When he’s been still as long as he can, he’ll burst from the paper in a full run.

I heard the crinkle of paper from the kitchen. I heard a heavy bag, full of snackums, inch across the floor.

Obi went to investigate.

I sat on the couch. I waited for my came home snuggle. I’d been gone for an hour, after all.

The Boy came home. He gave Obi a belly rub and stacked the tissue paper on the kitten. He looked up at the sound of a bag inching across the floor. Then thumping to the ground as Oliver finally pushed it away from the support of the bench in the breakfast nook.

“I bought a new bag of snackums,” I explained. “They smell delicious.”

The Boy went to make dinner and Obi stood up to follow. But the tissue paper did not let go. It stuck to the brown kitten’s back as he shifted left and right. At first it was fun but then the kitteh stopped enjoying the game.

He tried jumping on the couch. And down. And going under the coffee table. But the tissue paper held tight using Tail for stability.

Finally, Obi sat. He looked at his Girl, and I stopped laughing. “Come here, buddy.”

He came. I lifted the tissue off his back.

Without the distraction, we could hear Oliver in the kitchen with The Boy. He was putting up a brilliant argument, pointing out that The Boy has thumbs. And that Oli was near starvation and yes there was a full bowl of crunchies but those clearly weren’t doing the job because his ribs are just jutting right out of his sides. And this kind of handsome burns a lot of calories you know.

When I walked over to inspect the bag – quite frankly I expected to find a hole chewed in it – Oliver fixed me with a serious gaze. And he issued an order: FREE THE SNACKUMS.