Hard Work


Oliver and Obi were hard at work this evening, helping in my office while The Boy cooked dinner.

After taking a bath on my lap, Oliver moved to the desk. The recorder wasn’t the most comfortable thing on which to lay, but he’d lost his legs by the time he realized it.

Obi found a cozy spot to enjoy some smell-o-vision while he supervised.


This channel looks across our driveway and has shows like Two Boys on a Trampoline, Jazz Musician on a Trumpet, and What Are They Doing With That Trailer?

Today there was a very special program called BOYS! GET OUTSIDE NOW.

Dinner was ready before we saw the end.


2 responses to “Hard Work

  1. What *are* they doing with that trailer?

    • On a special episode, Girl Tasks to Backyard Man, we learned that he was just cleaning it up for camping. But it turned into a bigger project than anticipated when he took off one of the walls, which resulted in all the walls coming off, and he ended up reframing the while thing. But now they are one window away from camping.

      We thought they were making the boys a clubhouse.

      Also, somebody lived in a trailer behind a house further down the alley last summer, so…

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