Toothy Try Outs

We started Obi’s dental care this week to make sure he doesn’t have to repeat his teeth cleaning for another five years. I didn’t know what would go over very well so I got crunchy tooth cleaning treats and a toothbrush with chicken flavored toothpaste.

The toothbrush actually went over pretty well. Though the brown kitten isn’t a big fan of the toothpaste. Or maybe he is. Maybe the toothbrushing was only tolerated because it was delicious.

But the treats? The treats went over really well. Obi thought they were quite tasty and he crunched on them several times so I know they are working.

Oliver, of course, wanted in on the treat action. But his did not crunch. His went straight down, no chewing. So Dr. Girl prescribed a different treatment for the grey kitteh: chewy treats.

Great for treating spoiled brothers.


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