An update on the kneeling chair: Kitten Thunder does not approve.

The reason a kneeling chair is good for your back is that your legs slant downward, pulling your back into a more natural position. But that means no lap.

Or at least a greatly reduced lap.

This morning, Obi wanted some lap time. I’d just gotten back from the gym and was going to check my email real quick before showering. Obi climbed onto my slanty lap and slid down my slick exercise pants.

I rescued him. And adapted my lap.


By resting my feet on the knee pads, I gave the brown kitten a place to nap.


Sure, I have to hold onto the desk to keep my balance. And I have to stretch to reach the keyboard. And, after a killer workout, my back was really sore.


But a Girl has to do what a Girl has to do.

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