I Scream

I scream,
You scream.
We all scream.
The cops show up and it’s awkward.


After a week of listening to Kitten Thunder screaming about the door being closed last week, I was feeling tense. It was nice to find reasons to leave the house.

So, on Friday, I was looking forward to going out to a friend’s ranch to take photos of her alpacas getting sheared. I forgot one thing. Alpaca scream like teenage girls at a One Direction concert when someone invades their space. Lunch time, when they are just jostling for position, puts me on edge.

So when they are tied down to have their teeth and nails trimmed, then shaved? Lord a’mighty, the screaming.

By Sunday when peace returned to our house, this Girl was thinking SHE needed happy pills more than the cats. And a massage.

So today I was happy to get a little bit of revenge. A friend posted a video of the “adorable” sound a sloth makes when it wants food. I didn’t mean to, but I played it next to Oliver’s ears while he was napping. The adorable sound is screaming.

An Oliver? Found it disturbing.


2 responses to “I Scream

  1. Annie Emmy Evans

    Hahahahaha! Hilarious!

  2. AT least your brown kitty has not been in the kitty hospital for four days. Hopefully she can come home tomorrow I spent an hour with her today. She could purr and kiss me on the nose. Would not eat though. Praying for her

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