Table for One

If you’ve been with us a while you know that Oliver loves breakfast. He likes his breakfast. He likes his brother’s breakfast. Dr. Tiffany had suggested separating them at meal time. I agreed to do so if they ever got to the point where Obi wasn’t getting his share.

While the kittehs have been on happy pills Obi has been eating in The Boy’s office to make sure he gets his full dose. And we’ve come to realize that he likes it.

He gets to lick off the sauce.

He gets to chew his food.

Today was their first day off meds. But Obi got his breakfast behind closed doors. And, because it was a lovely morning, with an open window.

Oliver objected to being locked in the rest of the house. But it was a lovely morning and we opened a window.

When Obi was done he called to be let out. And the three of us enjoyed the lovely morning.



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