Kittenformation Catnology

Before we get into today’s post, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how adorable Oliver was on the day I met him. And what a handsome man he has grown into almost twelve years and twelve pounds later. Shall we?


Okay. Now, you may begin.


This week, my friend, Libby, posted this picture of her office manager. He is in charge of supervising everything she scans and prints.


The very next day, my friend, Angie, posted this. Her office manager is in charge, she says, of making sure no one tries to photocopy rocks. It might be harder to keep a geologist in line, I’m thinking.


Kitten Thunder prefers to be thought of as my I.T. department at KnowSocial. As you’ve seen in pictures like this one (charmingly referred to in my mind as Thunder Butts), they’re into the wires. Not that there isn’t ALWAYS someone available to help me change toner cartridges.

But the problem with working IT? You’re always on call.



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