The Princess is Not Amused

I’m a Tiger,
I’m a Tiger,
I’m a Tiger ’til I diiiiie…

This weekend was the Rock Springs High School reunion for the class of 1995. For various reasons, The Boy decided to stay home and do Man Stuff with Kitten Thunder. Quiet, non power tool Man Stuff with lots of belly rub breaks.

And so I was at my parents’ house and had to ruin the lives of their cats instead.


First, I took a picture of Spade.

So rude.

Then, last night, my dad and I heard a clicking sound upstairs. We looked at each other. We looked up toward the landing.

There was Gracie. Click click click. She was batting something plastic against the rail.

I did a mental inventory of things that I’d left on the bathroom counter, just a few feet behind her, for likely candidates for a toy. I decided she probably had my contact case. Probably knocked off by Spade who thinks contact solution is delicious. I decided not to worry about it as long as it stayed on the landing.

The mystery plastic item came down a couple steps. Then a couple more.

When Gracie was at the bottom step with her toy I got up to see. She performed a handy slapshot and the toy skittered across the entry way and into the hall.

She was none too pleased with me when I picked it up.


I swear I took a better picture, but this is a little plastic daisy ring. Gracie had brought it all the way out from a shelf in my bedroom. It was a lot of work just to have me take it away.

Sometimes a princess just wants a little extra sparkle.

Sometimes a Girl needs to tick off a princess to save the unsuspecting feet of the other people in the house.

She doesn’t like me anyway.

Happy Father’s Day to ask the dads of people out there – especially mine. And happy Dad’s Day to the men who take care of furry babies. Especially The Boy – Kitten Thunder and I couldn’t have made a better choice when we decided to adopt another human.


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