Gürl by IKEA

Okay, maybe I’m not from IKEA because I don’t require assembly. Or, maybe I’ve taken 38 years to assemble…

Regardless, I am the most comfortable and versatile piece of furniture Oliver owns. I am a heated bed and bathing platform. I am an entertainment center. A massaging chair.

So when I went away last weekend it was a problem. Then I came back and I was busy. That was a problem. And then yesterday I got up to feed him and stayed up. Problem. I was gone for a lot of the day setting up and event, attending the event and testing down the event.

Oliver doesn’t know what yesterday was, other than a problem.

So today we’d planned to be on the couch, on the couch and nothing but on the couch.

But then there was a “problem.” At our event we had a small keg of beer. After our event we still had a nearly full keg of beer. The Boy and I are problem solvers, so we brought the beer home with us and invited everyone we know over to help us drink it this afternoon. So hopefully we’ll have four or five people show up.

But when beer goes in, beer must come out. We plan on being outside, but the house needed to be cleaned for anyone in need of the facilities.

Cleaning. No couch.

Drinking beer on the porch. No couch.

Hopefully we’ll get some quality couch time in after dinner.

Otherwise, we’ll have a problem. And…probably…more beer.

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