Cheyenne Frontier Days was this week which means The Boy has been getting up in the dark all week. He’s been getting up, most days, before Oliver even knows he’s hungry. Today, though, was my turn to make breakfast for the kittehs and we returned to our new old routine.

I put down for for Oli, then locked Obi in The Boy’s office. Then I went to the couch to wait.

Oliver went to the door to cry about being locked in the rest of the house.


Obi hadn’t called me yet so I assumed he wasn’t ready. Then I saw a black paw darting out. But Oliver was too preoccupied with the prospect of more food to play.


I opened the door and returned to the couch to await my post-breakfast snuggle.

But here’s the thing. I don’t get post breakfast snuggles on Sunday anymore. Oliver finished his brother’s breakfast and goes straight to his chair in my office for a nap.

Obi went upstairs and told The Boy, still sleeping, that he was bored and needed a belly rub. The brown kitten was ignored and returned to the living room in a huff. But he didn’t come snuggle.

After hours of being awake, eating my own breakfast and drinking half a pot of coffee, The Boy and I got ready to go to the gym. And suddenly Oliver was everywhere. And he desperately needed me to return to the couch for a snuggle.

Sorry, kitten. He had to wait until we went to the gym, came back, showered, went to the grocery store and baked a cake before I sat down again.


Lesson learned.


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