I’m a good cat owner. I don’t think anyone would debate that. One of the things I’ve done really well is provide napping spots in every room of the house. It puts a lot of pressure on the cats to use them all so I feel appreciated.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone napping in the house on the condo. So long, in fact, that I wouldn’t have seen Oliver if Obi hadn’t been so desperate to play.





After about half an hour of thumping on every side of the condo, Obi gave up and went to watch OutTV.


Poor brown kitten.

Yesterday was Oliver’s 12th birthday!
Yesterday was Obi’s 6th birthday!

Happy birthday, Kitten Thunder!


3 responses to “Plaaaay

  1. Happy birthday boys! My two have a 16th and a 9th birthday very soon. It’s a good season for kitty birthdays. May the birthday fairy bring you a canned cat food cake with chicken baby food frosting, treat sprinkles, and a catnip garnish. That’s how we roll in the wildninja household.

  2. Where your tree from? I’m still trying to figure out which kind to get my girls. Happy birthday to you boys! May your birthday be nothing but purrrfect

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