There are a couple days a week that The Boy gets up early to go to the gym. Oliver likes that he gets breakfast before he even tells us he’s about to starve to death.

Obi likes breakfast, but then he has extra time to be bored. We’ve come up with a solution.

He comes back to bed and starts digging at me to wake me up. When I open my eyes, the brown kitten tries to get under the sheet. I reach out and pull the sheet smooth, kitten underneath.

Then I whip the sheet into the air and snap it back to the mattress. Many of you will recognize this method from fourth grade gym class where the whole class used a parachute to trap classmates in a fabric and air dome.

Obi loves being in the dome. He likes to run to a different location before the sheet sinks down on him, surprising his Girl. At first he had issues. Tail would grab the sheet and yank the whole thing with him as he crossed the bed. After a few tries, Obi convinced Tail to stay down.

This morning, Oliver was caught by the bed/dome monster. The grey kitten jumped into the bed and his legs were immediately surrounded by sheet. Kicking, biting sheet. Oli’s eyes got big. He quickly stepped over the bunched sheet and turned.

The sheet followed, surrounded his legs, bit and kicked.

Deciding this was a bucket full of nope, Oliver jumped off the bed. Obi stood up, losing his cover. Oli saw his brother and trilled. Front paws up on the bed, the grey kitten’s nose met the brown kitten’s.

Did you see that bed monster?



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