Squirrel Bait


First, Oliver has come into the living room twice today to crawl into my lap and drip water off his lips into my face. We’re sticking to the water theory. Even though the first time was shortly after The Boy scolded him for being in the trash.

Water. It was water.

From his bowl.


Many years before we adopted The Boy, before there was an Obi, I purchased dried corn cobs for the squirrels. The bag had moved with me to the new house, missing only one cob, and has been in the basement for five years.

While cleaning the basement I decided to do something crazy and actually give them to the squirrels. Three cobs went out to the window sills.

And there they sat.

And sat.

And sat.

I remembered why I still had an entire bag of cobs. But! On the third day, a squirrel finally came to check it out. And she was pleased.



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