Beam Brothers

I went to the gym this morning so I’d like to take a shower. But as I headed down the stairwell I saw this.


Oliver is lying in the sunbeam on the landing by the back door. Oli is having an only okay morning after being sick last night. He didn’t get to lick up spicy chicken juice after dinner because her been throwing up and, contrary to opinion, he does not get everything he wants.

He slept in my arms all night, returned to bed after breakfast, and snuggled with me on the couch until I left the house. Even for my grey kitten, this is a lot of Girl time. He does not feel good.

He is getting better. There was a raging Thunder going on before the sunbeam caught him, involving two cats, Terri flights of stairs and many laps around the main floor.

In fact, Obi didn’t know they were done until he found Oli in the beam. Seeing the resting brother, Obi turned the sunbathing into a real bath and cleaned out Oli’s ears. Then, as he was walking away, he stepped on the grey kitten’s tail.

Oliver yelled. Obi ran.

But then he came back to apologize.


With a toy.



And a nap.

And a HEY, are you taking my picture?


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