Battle: Rye vs Fry

Today I went to my chiropractor, the fabric store, the grocery store, and drove through at Arby’s to pick up lunch. This probably doesn’t seem like much, but I’m recovering from some mild food poisoning and feeling a bit wiped out.

But the kittens were almost out of food.


Note the relief on their faces. And the planning. What can will they open first?

Side note: dear lady giving me the side eye in the grocery store for picking around the dented cans, have you ever opened a can of cat food completely filled with mold because you didn’t notice the dent had actually caused a hole? No? Then don’t judge me.

Bonus: that can was in a box, so the mold had also spread around other cans, through the cardboard and onto my floor. My life for the win!

Anyway, I got home and put away the refrigerated items. The rest is still on the floor in the kitchen. Oliver is administering Purr Therapy and trying to convince me he’s a good boy.

I don’t know about that. For one thing, I must have let Kitten Thunder’s manners out the back door when I came in with the Arby’s bag. Obi licked my sandwich wrapper, in my lap, while I was eating.

Both of them bit my finger because I wasn’t putting down that roast beef fast enough (yes, Oli is allergic, but a tiny bit of roast beef is just one more zit on his already acne-ridden chin).

Then this happened.


That’s right. My tall grey kitten stood up and jammed his head into the bag and stole a curly fry.

Then this happened.


I was done with them, but kittens with bad manners don’t get rewarded for such behavior.

So this happened.


It’s a squirrel food battle between rye bread and curly fries. I’d pretend like I don’t know which will win, but I put out six slices of wheat bread at the same time as that slice of rye last night. They were gone for me to put out the fries today.

From where I am on the couch I can see a squirrel hauling a chunk of fry up the tree.


No fair, says Oliver.


3 responses to “Battle: Rye vs Fry

  1. I know the side eye in the cat food aisle and feel like the freak because the feast that is fancy always has some weird buy 30 cans for $5 get 15 cans free deal! So, yeah, I’m going to sort out 45 cans of the flavor that doesn’t make anyone puke AND they absolutely need to be debt free. They love me at checkout.

    • YES. I hate buying cat food so I buy it 40 or 50 or 80 cans at a time. And nothing pate or beef. But I DO get the same number so I can tell the cashier I’m buying 5 of each flavor, and put them on the belt in near stacks. Sometimes they listen and like me. Sometimes they just scan every can. Sometimes they look around to see if anyone is watching and just do quantity 50 and let someone else worry about inventory.

      • šŸ™‚ hey at 2 cans a day, we must have mass quantities. I try the organized neat stacks approach but they don’t seem to trust in my abilities. Process of elimination has taught me that liver and beef = unending vomit. We are strictly “grilled” chicken flavors

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