To the Soul

The Boy and Obi have done a fair amount of Man’s Work the last two weekends. The old wooden windows in our bedroom have been replaced with energy efficient vinyl ones. About a half ton of spray foam has been added. Considering we found a hole in the wall that went all the way to the outside last winter, we’re optimistic about improved heating this year.


Oliver was kicked off the cat shelf during afternoon nap time.


Obi, being a manly cat who is comfortable with tools as long as they don’t make noise, napped amongst them during The Boy’s break.



This was last weekend. Yesterday The Boy worked on the window by our bed. Obi disappeared as I was getting ready to lock the kittehs in the basement so I supervised The Boy until the brown kitten arrived – just as a hole happened in the wall where a window used to be. I grabbed him on his way to hopping into his favorite sill.

Then he and I stuck our heads out the side of the house. Whoa.

Since The Boy was interrupting afternoon nap time AGAIN it was fairly easy to talk Oliver into following his brother and me into the basement.

We needed to break in the new loveseat anyway.


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