Grudge Match

I confess, now that we’re home, that The Boy and I were gone fishing this weekend. So of course we needed to be punished. Of course we did.

Oliver, though, seemed to decide we ask needed to be punished.

First, he barely snuggled with me until just now. We had a quick snuggle when we first came home because I was letting Obi get a belly rub before feeding them. Then the grey kitten was done with me until bedtime. He attempted to snuggle then, but I irritated him by getting up to use the bathroom. So he decided to hold his grudge. All night. All morning. Most of the afternoon.

I will say that Smell-o-Vision was exceptional today. I might have chosen a window sill over my lap as well.

And it was good that all the windows were open. Because there was pee.

Somewhere, there was pee.

The litter box was filthy. I get that. But why the grey kitten couldn’t pick a spot, and why it couldn’t be an obvious spot, perplexes me.

So I threw away the boxes.

Then I washed the quilt and Obi’s cave. Then his sheet. Then his blankly.

Then I threw away the bags.

I think I’ve got it.


The kittens approve of a clean quilt  – Obi is sure that I’ll put this back on the floor where he’d dragged it as soon as it is fully dry.

And their minions are minty fresh.



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