Faker or Quaker

On Friday, Oliver climbed into my lap for the midmorning snuggle. But something was different. My grey kitten had an all over, big time tremor.

And The Girl had an all over, big time panic.

I called the vet. Oliver ejected all his breakfast. I called the vet again.

As Dr. Tiffany and Laura walked up to my door, I asked if Katie had told them I was freaking the hell out. Tiffany said she didn’t need to be told.

By the time they got here, the tremor was gone. Tiff did a full work up, really ticking Oliver off and making Obi nervous. We decided it might have been a bad can of food (Obi, who smells his food, had passed on breakfast) or something ingested from our home improvementing.

Oli bounced right back and really enjoyed the tuna for a snack and tuna for breakfast prescription.

So, Monday, as I was getting ready to leave town for a conference, I wasn’t concerned about his health. Since I was leaving The Boy home, I also wasn’t too worried about stress.

I put my suitcase in the car. Oli noticed it on the way out. He noticed my computer in its bag. Then I realized I forgot to do something and pulled my laptop out and sat down on the couch.

The grey kitten climbed into my lap. The grey kitten had a tremor. The Girl had some more panic.

I dumped all the stuff for the conference on the other team members and called the vet.


This time we went in. The tremor was gone. Of course.

Oliver got more poking and prodding. He showed Tiffany how healthy his hiss is. And then we went home with instructions to take video next time the tremor happens.

Honestly, I probably could have gone to the conference. And worried. So instead I made arrangements and stayed home. To worry.

I’m not the only one who wonders about the suspicious timing of the returned tremor. Would it be worth a vet visit to keep The Girl from leaving?



So what’s wrong with Oliver? We don’t know. If it isn’t food based, it is probably something is his brain. Maybe something degenerative – The Boy says, “so his puddin’ head is getting… more puddin’y?”

The tremor is NOT a seizure. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all. It probably isn’t an emergency situation.

Heck, he may never have another tremor. At least until I pack the suitcase again…


One response to “Faker or Quaker

  1. Like furry cars, they never make the noise or do the thing when you take them in. My vet loves it when I bring her photos of vomit and videos shot at 3am of a cat coughing. Yea technology. I hope the tremor is easily resolved.

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