Bad, Bad Girl

This is Pauly. Maybe. Maybe it’s Poly. I was at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to talk about Facebook advertising. This bundle of purr was delivered to my arms.


What you see there is seven toes.

Pauly hung out with me for an hour. He just purred and purred. The couple times I set him down to play, he immediately found a dark, tight place to chill.


Obviously, I already have a world class snuggler in my household. If he’d been a good playmate for Obi, the perpetually bored kitten, he might have had a home with us.

But the good news is that he’s available for YOU to adopt.

The problem with serving on the shelter board is that sometimes I come home with other cats on me.

Obi immediately set about punishing me. And erasing the evidence. And keeping me in the couch until I remembered where I belong. To whom I belong.


He was glad when Oliver came down from afternoon nap. The grey kitten is showing us how it’s done.


But I’d better realize I’m in trouble.


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