Nothing to Say, Nothing to See

I was supposed to have a great post about the VERY expensive OutTV programming we purchased this week, “Getting a New Roof.”

I was fully expecting that we’d hide out in the basement for two days. We even bought a loveseat for the occasion.


When the men started banging around, Oliver raised his head from the morning snuggle. Was The Girl concerned?


He put his head back down. He did watch “Shingles Dropping Past the Window” for a few minutes. From the comfort of my lap.


Obi watched the programming on several channels. He did run upstairs to ask The Boy if we should be concerned – because The Girl might not understand the enormity of some Man Stuff. But The Boy agreed it was okay.

So did he watch all day?


Yarn Ball under the couch is a much better show.



5 responses to “Nothing to Say, Nothing to See

  1. Amazing. Olivia got her hate on for roofers that were 3 houses away across the backyard. It took me forever to figure out what she was poofed up and yowling at.

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