What Do We Even Call This?

So the roofers weren’t the best choice for OutTV programming. Obi suggests I ask him before committing to thousands of dollars of show. Obviously, my taste is questionable.

This, however, was interesting. And free.


This is four guys picking up a car. They drove it most of the way onto the trailer, then hooked up a winch to pull it the rest of the way up.

Fine. Great.

If only the Jeep that would power the winch wasn’t also hooked up to a trailer. With a couch. That twisted and turned in all the wrong directions as they attempted to get the Jeep close enough.

Obi and I watched for 15 minutes. We don’t know how to classify the program. It was definitely a comedy. With some drama as it became clear that the guy not driving anything decided he was a better driver than all his friends. There was some adult language. The absurdity of the couch definitely throws it into a post modern surrealist niche.

And there was definitely some education in the program: like, leave your couch at home when fishing for cars.


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