Hiding Spot


It’s National Cat Day and, as you can see, we’re celebrating.

I want to start by apologizing in advance for spelling errors. Or outright wrong words. It turns out I’m allergic to the west coast. That irritated my sinuses, which irritated my throat. I’ve been hacking and wheezing for days. But today I needed to go to meetings so I took a benadryl. Which makes focus difficult. And I put in my contacts which I haven’t worn since Sunday… And hey, I realized a while ago, they are covered in west coast.

And now, to the blog.

Obi has two yarn balls. His favorite game, lately, is to hide them under the couch for us to find. He hides them almost immediately after we get then out, because he likes the game.

It’s a pretty easy search: loveseat? Couch?

He walks around us, hugging or heads as we peer under the furniture with the flashlight. Purr, purr – you’re getting warmer.

We’ve gotten too good though, and Obi decided we needed a challenge. On Tuesday, the blue yarn ball was not under the couch. It was not under the loveseat. It was not on the cave. It was not on the couch or loveseat.

Having used up all my oxygen, I tossed him his yellow yarn ball and curled up on the couch to cough and breathe.

Later, The Boy came in for the morning belly rub. And to find the yarn balls. The yellow yarn ball was under the loveseat. The blue yarn ball was not. Nor was it under the couch. It was not in the cave. It was not on the couch or loveseat.

Obi danced around The Boy, purring. He was happy to provide a challenge. Keep looking, he encouraged.

The Boy looked and looked.

His search was exhausting for me to watch and I sank down on my pillow.

And there it was. The blue yarn ball.

In my shoe under the coffee table. Hooray! Obi danced as The Boy retrieved his toy. Good Boy. Good Girl.

And to honor our achievement, Obi played with the yarn ball for ten minutes. Then stuffed it under the couch.

Who wants to look for his yarn balls?


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