Lap Shortage

We didn’t blog on Tuesday because it was The Boy’s birthday and I took him out to dinner.  When we got home we slept through a couple episodes of NCIS before giving up and going to bed to sleep.

Because we’re old.

I’ve been working on a big project for a couple of weeks now. I gave myself a huge buffer because I wanted to be done before all the holidays got here. Which was lucky because I blew through deadline after deadline – all self imposed. It started with the week we came back from vacation and my sinuses took their revenge. In addition to having trouble being upright, I couldn’t really read through my watery eyes.

Then it just took longer to do the project than I expected. Short story long, I finally finished it enough to bring in other team members today.

Which was good timing because Kitten Thunder has had enough of this working long hours crap.

I was sitting Indian style on the couch, typing away, when Obi came for loves. My legs made a mighty fine nest fit a nap. He purred with all his might for half an hour.

He was irritated by me working over him, but he dealt with it.

Then it happened. I needed something in my office. I’ll be honest with you: normally I would have just sat back and let Obi continue snuggling, getting the project done just a little later. But the end was finally in sight.

I disturbed the brown kitten.

I got the information I needed and returned to the couch. Knowing it was futile, I called to Obi and asked him to come back.

Instead, Oliver arrived to snuggle. He stepped on my keyboard and I yanked his foot away. He sat back, affronted.

And he left.

I called to him. Futile. But Oliver is quick to forgive when a lap is on the line. He returned after treating his injured feelings with some snackums. This time he walked around the computer and settled into the leg nest.

A few minutes later… Obi came back. He looked at his brother, napping soundly. He glared at me. I told him Oliver wouldn’t care if he just piled on.

I wondered if my knees would be able to handle 25 pounds in the leg nest. And how long I would put up with agony to not affront Obi again.

The brown kitten stretched out along one thigh instead. Doable.

I kept typing.

And the project was done. Other than the brief moment of stupidity when I tried to email a 24MB file, it was off to another team member. Off my desk.

Obi celebrated by going away, having reached his quota of snuggle time.

Oliver celebrated by doing his job the best way he knows how.


Face nap.

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