I was kitteh sitting Goblin last week and all was going well. Then, one day, I walked in and noticed ash from the fireplace on the floor.

I looked at Goblin and he said “mrah.”

Then I noticed a couple chocolate kisses on the floor that had been knocked out of a martini glass on the mantle.

I looked at Goblin and he said “mrah.”

When I went into the office to feed him there were kitty crunchies everywhere and a deep hole burrowed in the crunchies bowl.

I looked at Goblin and he said “mreh.”

Later on I told The Boy I was 68% sure there was a squirrel in the house. And 98% sure I want going to do anything about it unless I found a body.

The next day I found a body. But it wasn’t a squirrel, it was a flicker (woodpecker).

I asked Goblin what he had to say for himself.


“Rub my belly.”


In Goblin’s defense, the bird may have fallen in through the chimney. And I think the actual cause of death was blunt force trauma from a window.

So Goblin’s criminal activity could be limited to the distribution of feathers around the house. And making a mess with his kitty crunchies.


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