The Prewarmed Dilemma

A letter from Oliver:

My Girl has been talking about The Baby for a while. Obi and I aren’t quite sure what that is. It comes up at weird times. Like when I’m stretched out over My Girl’s stomach, which is extra comfy lately, The Boy says he can’t wait until The Baby kicks me. So whatever it is has feet, I guess.

Last night it came up again when Aunt Staci sent us new blankets. My Girl said they are for The Baby. So… Am I The Baby? Is Obi? Is The Baby our new name? It doesn’t have the same ring to it as Kitten Thunder.

But these blankets are for us.



So the dilemma came tonight after dinner. I’d been holding My Girl down on the couch but I needed to take a bath. My new blankets seemed like a good place. I even settled close enough to Obi so he could get my ears.

Then The Boy got up. And there was a prewarmed chair. But I was cozy on my blankets. Dilemma. I leaned back against Obi to consider my problem.

Sometimes my brother is very smart. He got up – it seemed like he was in a huff but I don’t know why that would be – and stomped off. There, where he’d been, was a prewarmed blanket.

Problem solved.


One response to “The Prewarmed Dilemma

  1. They Kitteas are so cute. They will love the Baby too. Special time for you!
    After new year contact me. I would love to take you for lunch!

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