Fit to be Tied

We wrapped presents today. Well, I wrapped. Obi supervised.


Oliver didn’t want to ruin the surprise so he supervised with his back turned.


But don’t worry, they both inspected my ribbon tying skills.


I passed. Then I hid the present with curling ribbon.


5 responses to “Fit to be Tied

  1. Merry Christmas. Thank you for such an awesome blog. Have you ever thought of writing a book of Kitten Thunder’s blog? We would buy lots.
    Best wishes with The Baby!

  2. Ha ha! Good supervising Obi!

  3. Their supervising skills are so much more ‘disciplined’ than what I get at my house. I have six supervisors…5 boys & a girl. The boys are very casual…a pinch of catnip & they’re dozing. The girl, Dharma makes up for them all by being in the middle of everything. I swear that little girls has 20 paws & all the speed of lightning!

    Merry Xmas from our house to yours!

    • I was a little surprised I didn’t get any help at all. Perhaps it is because MY paper lays flat on the table. They have their own roll of wrapping paper in the basement that is wadded up and torn from all the playing they do.

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