A Blatant Act of Cruelty

Quite frankly, we’re stunned.

It was cruel.

It was heartless.

Dammit, it’s grounds for divorce. At least, Oliver thinks so.

It’s certainly, he thinks, a reason for a strongly worded letter to the ASPCA.

Do you see this poor kitten?


The sadness? The deep sense of betrayal?

His inability to trust the man who we’ve learned to love? The man that Oliver let’s pet him, and sometimes the grey kitten doesn’t even wash off the cooties…right away?

The Boy ate lasagna tonight. Lasagna, we might add, that was only made possible because Oliver sacrificed of himself and allowed me to leave the couch for half an hour to compile it.

Oliver waited patiently. He not only used his manners, he used his GOOD manners.

Tomato sauce is his favorite.

Then The Boy got up and went to the kitchen. Obviously, since he didn’t give the plate to a cat, he went to get seconds. And…


It’s so horrible.



He put his plate in the dishwasher.


One response to “A Blatant Act of Cruelty

  1. Oh my God! This is awful. I wouldn’t put up with this kind of abuse Oliver!

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