Hot Mama

You’ve heard the phrase “cold hands, warm heart”? This girl has a cold, cold heart.

I am hardly ever cold.

I’m just a warm person.

Like, don’t wear a coat unless it’s snowing, socks give me heat stroke, hats are out of the question hot person.

The Boy likes it because he can warm up his hands by holding mine. Oliver loves it. He loves to crawl under the blankets and snuggle close to me.

Until recently. Incubating a small human has cranked up my thermostat and it’s just too much for the grey kitten.

Every night he tries to snuggle close to me under the covers. Then he rolls over and pushes away. Then he pushes harder. Then he sighs… And goes to lay on my feet.

He’s also given up snuggling under a blanket during the day. But he’s a snuggler. So adaptations had to happen.


Like snuggling with The Girl while making as little contact as possible. My arm is comfy. Really.


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