National Obi Day

The brown kitten declared that today is National Obi Day. As with all the holidays he declares for himself, he was disappointed in the participation. It was not, however, as disappointing as The Day of Obi when The Boy went to work instead of rubbing bellies all day.

It helps to have your holiday on the weekend if you can’t get congress behind you.

Here are three snapshots of the day, to show you how Obi celebrated.

1. Obi carried his beige yarn ball into the living room. He set it down in the rug. He made eye contact with me and batted the ball under the couch.

At first I thought he was playing with yarn balls again. Then I realized I’d put that yarn ball in Obi’s supervising box in The Boy’s office.


2. Obi got up from his nap on a blanky on the loveseat and stretched. He walked across the loveseat onto the end table. He hopped up onto the mantle and walked across. He leapt to the arm of the couch. He walked up me, climbed past my shoulders and up into the bookshelf. He jumped to the arm of the recliner, then hopped to the back of the chair.

He stretched out for a nap.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

“The floor is made of lava?” I asked. Indeed. The kitten closed his eyes. Indeed.

3. The Boy is, in terms of social media, a lurker. By that I mean he is on Facebook daily but rarely posts anything. No worries, I post enough for both of us.

Today’s post, I have to say, is a winner.


First, because that shelf fix was brilliant and is also #GirlApproved. But also, look at that brown kitten just letting him take a picture! All in the line of work when you’re doing Man Stuff with your Boy, I guess.

So there you have it. Obi has also had many belly rubs. And I stood near him long enough to roll the catnip ball back to him three times this morning. And there will be treats at dinner time.

So, all in all, a pretty good National Obi Day.

We’ll work on a parade for next year.


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