Snow Day Snapshots

I didn’t get a snow day. Neither did The Boy. But nine inches of snow did shift our schedules a bit.

For instance, The Boy got up, fed the cats, saw they had a delayed start at work and can’t back to bed. Then I got up to see if I had to go to jury duty at 8 a.m. This made Oliver happy because The Boy’s half of the bed is where the grey kitten sleeps after breakfast on Tuesday when The Boy gets up early to go to the gym. Couch snuggle for the win.


Jury duty was delayed until noon. I have myself half an hour to drive the one and a half miles to the courthouse. I made it…twenty feet. I spent my half hour digging my car out of the alley by the house where it got high centered on snow. Kitten Thunder doesn’t approve of me leaving the house but at least I made them some interesting OutTV. I still made it to the courthouse only five minutes late.


There are many people looking forward to the baby kicking my cats in the head. I’m giving you all the benefit of the doubt. I’m assuming you, like The Boy, think their reaction will be funny and that you don’t just hate my kittens. Well, the baby is trying. This morning he kicked Oliver in the face for ten solid minutes. Tonight he kicked Obi in the armpit. Alas, baby is not strong enough to be felt on the outside quite yet. But I know he’s trying.


I’m proud of myself for this, but I can’t really explain why. While wielding the magic toy making stick this weekend, I found a lid to a shoebox under the couch. The wheels in my head, they turned.

Of course I put a box under the coffee table.


Of course it’s Obi’s favorite place ever.

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