I was in Rock Springs this weekend for state hockey. And it has to be said: YAY RIVERTON RIVER RATS! My nephew’s team took home their second championship.


On my last night in town, Cousin Spade decided to try out my lap.


He was done with me by the time I left. My dad wouldn’t let him sit on the table during lunch – why did he have to use company manners for HER? SHE’S not company.

Plus, I didn’t feel like I should give them treats every time I used the powder room. I know that’s the rule, but it wasn’t a rule made for pregnant women. No one needs that many treats.

So I went home. Since The Boy stayed in Cheyenne I didn’t have to be punished. We went right to snuggling on the couch.


But now I’m being punished. Because this took a lot of nerve.


I actually had two puppies but I let one go to another set of hands for the sake of a puppy selfie.

In case you’re interested, these Maltese Chihuahua mix puppies are up for auction at the Fur Ball in April. They are three months old… So they will stay tiny balls of adorable.

I’m off to shower… And hopefully earn the forgiveness of my grey kitten.


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