Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Beginning and the End

Today started at around 3:30 a.m. when a grey kitten stomped on my face and cut my chin with a back claw. I wasn’t fully awake when I grabbed him and threw him.

I was fully awake and apologizing before he landed.

He was fine. I was bleeding and guilt ridden. And awake, so I had to take my bladder to the bathroom.

Breakfast? Oliver wanted to know.

Nope, not feeling guilty enough to reward bad behavior. Sorry.

All day I checked him all over for pain. He’s fine.

We’ve got one more night at Camp Couch and I should be over my cold and back to our normal schedule.

In the meantime, we’re giving my face a tiny bit more room.


Things I Love

How Oliver’s nose wrinkles when he’s chewing on his fingertips during a bath.

Obi and The Boy’s morning routine.

Toe pads.

When Obi is kneady.

The way Oliver reaches his arms up over his head so I can pick him up by his armpits.

When The Boy is holding Obi, the brown kitten will headbutt his Boy’s nose.


Baby snuggles.

The clever escalation of our wake up routine: calling, fuzzy toes up the nose, cold nose on the eyelids, then stomping when the breakfast bell goes off. Yes, it’s annoying, but you have to appreciate how well it works.

How much Oli and Obi love each other.

That The Boy will tuck Oliver in when he takes over the prewarmed chair.

Obi still plays like a kitten even though he’s seven years old.

Kittens thundering.

That these three, soon to be four, boys are mine.


In the ongoing efforts to prepare for our new addition, The Boy and I have been trying to combine our offices. This requires me to clean.

And to pull a while bunch of stuff out into the living room to make room so we can just get furniture moved.

Oliver decided the best way to deal was just too take a nap and see what we’d fine afterward.

That left Obi to do the inspection and IT work.


The floor seemed okay.


The artwork wasn’t very inspiring. He would have picked something with squirrels.


He rolled his eyes when I told him not to type anything.


OutTV was on… But kind of far away for his taste.


Then we checked the inside of the desk. Obi fully approved of this arrangement.

Oliver came downstairs and looked around. It was fine. He only found one issue: The Girl was at a desk and not on the couch.


There, that’s better.

Full Load

As you know, I got off the couch on Sunday. And my actions were supervised.


And interrupted by cuteness.




I was eventually allowed to wash the new linens. It was right around the time I went into my office to clean THAT and Obi found a catnip ball…


On the Hook

What happens when The Girl spends time in the laundry room, hanging hooks on which to dry cloth diapers?

She gets help, of course.





Adventures in Home Decorating

This was much easier on the kittehs than cleaning.

Obi doesn’t know how to spell, but he’s pretty sure this spells “stop taking my picture.”


Oliver thinks this fabric is perfect for pillows. It’s already very comfortable.


Something Fishy

Those of you who have been with us a while, know that Oliver has allergies. This fall we discovered his liver is failing (hopefully very slowly) so we’re trying not to give him Prednisone anymore.

Benadryl, the alternative, is just icky. The betrayal, the hurt, wasn’t a long term option.

Dr. Tiffany from Cottonwood had one last suggestion: fish oil. It’s an anti inflammatory. And worth a shot.

The day it arrived, I pumped out a bit for both cats. And… It was delicious! They loved it! Hoorah!

But, because this made me happy, it couldn’t last. Oliver was not in love with breakfast fish oil.

Neither of them really wanted it that night until I tossed some treats in it.

The next morning, Oliver ate around the fish oil and left all the food that was touching it. He went and talked Obi into saving his HIS breakfast, from under the office door.

That night no one would eat the fish oil, even with treats.


So now what? Well, in the morning, Oliver will eventually lick the plate clean. Once all other food options are exhausted. So no worries there. Plus, we’ve decided to stop separating the cats for breakfast – Obi is more worried about missing something while he’s locked away than eating.

In the evening, we have baby food! I received several tips for medicating a cat on this blog and decided to combine two – I got some chicken baby food to surround the benadryl and froze it into pellets.


I mixed the rest with fish oil and used that to get the medicine down.

Did the pills work, you ask? I don’t know. Because the fish oil IS working. Like a miracle. All the sores on his sweet grey face after healed up.

No betrayal. No hurt.

Just a Boy shaking his head and muttering something about spoiled cats as I sit on the floor and spoon feed my cats.