March On

Before anything else, I would like to thank Kitten Thunder for upchucking chicken bone all over the house rather than getting it down and perforating a bowel or something.

For future reference, I would rather you NOT dig chicken wings out of the trash. M’kay?


So it is March and I’ll be honest: our house was smelling a little funky. Just your usual stuffy, old air funky.

So today, while it was over 60 degrees, I did what Wyomingites everywhere were doing. I turned Smell-o-vision on full blast and cleaned the house.






Was on.

It was almost too much for Obi to take. Luckily he was also in charge of supervising me so he didn’t have to decide on a show; he sat in the window of whatever room I was in.

Oliver took advantage of his time off to really enjoy a nap in the cat shelf. I’ve had the view blocked for a couple days after a midnight visit from a white cat on our roof. I’m hoping he’ll forget to come back if we keep the blinds closed for a week – nothing to see here, move along.

The sun went down and so did the window sashes.

The house is funk free.

We’re ready for another round of winter.


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