Obi Wan: Alien Hunter

Shortly after moving into our house, I noticed we were not alone. A tiny alien was living in our upstairs bathroom.

And I do mean tiny.

Like, one day I noticed a cat hair was walking across the floor. Tiny.

Obi and I investigated. We got really close, identified legs and body type. Then I googled.

It was a silverfish.

Being a lover and collector of books, I freaked out. But, for some reason, we have one. One silverfish. Okay, maybe two – I found one at the top of the stairs once but I’m not convinced the bathroom alien wasn’t on vacation.

So I’ve let the alien stay.

It gives Obi something to do while I’m brushing my teeth at night. Of course, this little alien is FAST and he can run full speed into the wall and just disappear.

So the hunt has just gone on.

Until last week when Obi stepped on the alien.

It was an accident and Obi didn’t even know he’d done it. He was mildly annoyed by me because I knocked him over and started examining his feet – I draw the line at a cat inadvertantly bringing bugs to bed (I also try to draw that line with cats purposely bringing bugs to bed, but that’s another story). But there was no alien in sight.

We also searched the floor.

We searched the next night.

And the next. No alien.

And the next. No alien.

Last night, Obi searched everywhere and sat down to glare at me. Where was his alien?

Then I saw him. He was tiptoeing (I imagine) toward the wall behind Obi. I pointed! I cheered! He lives, I cried!

Obi huffed and left the bathroom.

There’s no reason to be excited if there’s no alien to hunt.


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