In the ongoing efforts to prepare for our new addition, The Boy and I have been trying to combine our offices. This requires me to clean.

And to pull a while bunch of stuff out into the living room to make room so we can just get furniture moved.

Oliver decided the best way to deal was just too take a nap and see what we’d fine afterward.

That left Obi to do the inspection and IT work.


The floor seemed okay.


The artwork wasn’t very inspiring. He would have picked something with squirrels.


He rolled his eyes when I told him not to type anything.


OutTV was on… But kind of far away for his taste.


Then we checked the inside of the desk. Obi fully approved of this arrangement.

Oliver came downstairs and looked around. It was fine. He only found one issue: The Girl was at a desk and not on the couch.


There, that’s better.

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