Short and Fast

My birthday is Tuesday, and three of my fantastic friend threw me a baby shower, so there was a lot going on this weekend.

Family came. Including Cousin Jigger. Obi disapproves of cleaning and dogs in equal measure.

But baby showers seem to be awesome. Look at all the presents people bought for my kittehs!



That’s a mylar giraffe balloon that is three kitty condo stories high.

Lori, Bestest Kitteh Sitter in the World, did actually buy the boys some toys so they won’t feel unloved when the baby arrives. There was a lot of conversation about how similar baby toys and cat toys are.

By this afternoon, Oliver was ready for a nap and a snuggle with his Girl. The Girl was WAY past ready for a nap.

But it was postponed slightly when my parents got to the interstate and found out it was closed. We all know better than to travel without checking road conditions, but it was raining. Snow never crossed our minds.

They returned to the house for two hours – Jigger and Obi has a contest about who was less happy about it, but it was short lived because they were both so tired. Naps happened.

Oliver decided I could stay awake if I wanted, but he was getting his snuggle and nap.



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