People Kitten

Dear peoples of the bloggysphere,

Oliver here. Yesterday, The Boy left the house. Whatever, he does that. Then he came back and got My Girl. I tried to tell her she wasn’t allowed to go. She distracted me with treats and left.

And they were gone for forever. Like, all day.

So this morning I decided I’d just hold My Girl down all day to keep her home where she belongs.


But then The Boy brought in two huge boxes. Obviously, he needed help.


Okay, he didn’t actually need help. We checked and saw he was building a cage for the people-kitten we’re getting.

But there was a huge box in the hallway and it was perfect for bathing.


There was also a lot of packing paper.

We DID check out the people-kitten cage, but My Girl didn’t have the camera ready. And it wasn’t really interesting. We went back to the box before she had a chance to take a picture.


My Girl had gotten confused about things lately. Like, she’s always asked us if we should go downstairs and put on our pajamas. We go with her to help her put on hers, but we’ve been clear: cats don’t wear pajamas.

We thought she understood.

But today she was pulling these out of a bag.


Sigh… We’re nudists. It’s a lifestyle, not a lack of personal shoppers.

She seemed more than willing to take no for an answer. But I’m concerned that she and The Boy will be pushing their weird clothing-dependent lifestyle on the people-kitten.

We’ll try our best to save him.



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