En Vogue

For the last two months, yarn balls have been SO last year. If you dug one from under the couch and threw it, Obi would blink at you. Pretty sure you were stupid.

Like he would ever chase a yarn ball.

But this week, yarn balls are THE thing. They’re bigger than flat mousies. Well, not THE flat mousie… But woolly flat mousie for sure. Yarn balls have appeared, one by one, on Obi’s blanky in the loveseat.

But that’s not all.

Now that Obi has his own room – that one that his people are spending so much time decorating – he’s expanding the range for yarn balls. They are also allowed to hang out on the bed. And in packing paper in the hallway if they want. Or wherever Obi is, really, because he carries one with him everywhere.


It’s all a matter of what a kitten needs, really. The red yarn ball is sporty and fast. The blue yarn ball is very wily and will leap all the way across the room.

Yellow yarn ball? That’s a ball you can trust. It plays well. It naps well. It travels well.

It’s a good, well rounded ball.

It’s a yarn ball you can spend the whole day with – unless The Boy doors something stupid… Like throwing it when you’re not interested in chasing it.

It’s so hard to find good help.


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