The Boy and I are.. Slobs. Not that anything in our house is sticky or molding, but we are both relaxed about dust. We are unfazed by clutter.

I have never in my life noticed dusty baseboards unless there is company already in my house.

So, with a baby arriving, I enlisted help. Okay, I paid for professional help.

Mona’s cats, Gabe and Jenni, recommended Cindy to me. And today, Cindy and her friend came over and spent the whole day seeing the crud that The Boy and I just don’t see.

I tried my best to stay out of the way.

Obi supervised. Obi objected strongly to the removal of his minions.

Now, we DO sweep up his minions on a regular basis. But a deep cleaning means moving furniture that we’ve kept in one place for several years. It turns out our house was one good lightning strike away from being overrun by a thousand kitten minions.

Also: cat toys, we have some.

After I returned from an errand and found out how helpful Kitten Thunder had been with the eating of lunch, I suggested the kittehs and I should go upstairs.


Since I’d picked up my own lunch while I was out, they agreed.

And then we napped.



Seriously, my house looks amazing. If your local, call Cindy and give her all your money. It’s worth it.


It must be said: my mother tried, you guys. She tried so hard. It is so very not her fault that I don’t use any of the skills she taught me.


And now, if you’ll excuse us, obi needs to re-hair the house.


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