The Lost Toys

On Friday we had our house cleaned by professionals. After they left, Obi led me from room to room for inspection.

He was not pleased.

They had moved things. And he found every single instance where they hadn’t put things back exactly right.

Like his bunny watching station in the living room. Oliver’s stuffed animals collection was piled on the chest instead of lined up against the wall. How’s a kitten supposed to live like this!?!

They put the double decker box facing the front door instead of the living room. How’s a kitten supposed to ambush his brother under these conditions?!?

And there were toys IN the nest on the condo so clearly no napping will ever be done there ever again.

And, in case you were wondering, he doesn’t appreciate the faint mocking tone with which I addressed his concerns.

As the weekend has gone on, Obi is slightly less affronted by Friday’s events.

Because, this:


These toys have not seen the light of day for months. I have no idea where they were.

At first, Obi felt it was wrong for us to bring in a ringer for the Hide and Go Seek the Toys competition. I mean, anyone can find the toys if you’re going to move furniture and stuff.

But then he saw grey flat mousie. He loves grey flat mousie – it’s the best toy ever. He tossed it in the air a couple times before tucking it under his blanky on the loveseat.

A while later, he noticed pinecone mousie in the pile. He loves pinecone mousie – it’s the best toy ever. He played with it all afternoon. I’m pretty sure it’s lost already, but maybe someplace where we’ll be able to find it.

So, with everything back in its place and all the best toys ever account for, maybe house cleaning isn’t so bad.

It certainly opened up some time for belly rubs.


2 responses to “The Lost Toys

  1. I can only imagine what toys professional cleaners would uncover at my house.

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